Together We Create

Who Are We

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, Minehubs Studios stands as a transformative company when it comes to storytelling and entertainment. Founded in 2019 by Jacob Jørgensen and Anton Abebe Iversen. At Minehubs Studios, our passion is as unique as our content. We operate under the guidance of a dedicated board team, who collaborate closely with a network of up-and-coming actors, filmmakers and storytellers. Together, we aim to not only push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of entertainment but also to inspire a new generation of creators.

What We Stand For

At Minehubs Studios, our mission extends beyond entertainment. We are committed to elevating the voices of emerging filmmakers, entertainers, and storytellers, providing them with the platform they deserve. Our goal is to enrich global culture by presenting alternate viewpoints, igniting imaginations, and showcasing the diversity of human experience through the art of storytelling.
Our vision is to leave an impacting imprint on the world of entertainment. By pursuing this, we prioritize reaching out to not only international audiences but also engaging fully with the global film industry. It's not just about what we create, it's about what we inspire within others. Through unity, collaboration, and shared purpose, we seek to foster an environment where creativity thrives, and dreams are realized. In essence, Minehubs Studios is more than just a company, it's a collaborative ecosystem where we create, achieve, and inspire, together as a team.

Words Of The CEO (The Vision)

Entertainment has the power to transcend its own boundaries. It can serve as a vehicle for change, inspire new perspectives, and create a lasting impact on lives worldwide. At Minehubs Studios, we are dedicated to doing precisely that, leveraging the art of storytelling to contribute meaningfully to global communities, we strive for engagement. Our commitment is to produce content that resonates, whether it's reaching millions or touching a single soul. In a world saturated with content, we aim to be unforgettable, not just another fleeting moment in a digital stream. This is our way of giving back, our pledge to make a difference through the stories we tell and the experiences we create.

Director Chair

Meet Our Management

Meet the minds behind Minehubs Studios, a visionary Entertainment company located in the Capital
of Copenhagen. Passionately promoting voices and enriching global culture through
diverse storytelling. We create, achieve, and inspire together.

Jacob Jørgensen
Chief Executive Officer And
Head Of Fiction
Anton Abebe Iversen
Chief Operating Officer And
Head Of Documentary
Emil G. Mogensen
Vice President, Fiction Division
Jacob Søsborg
Vice Chief Human Resources Officer And Director Of Creative Development
Mathias Vorbeck Finne-larsson
Technical Director And Vice Director Of Brand Strategy

award winning

We make our mark internationally

8 Times Nominee   2 Times Award Winner

We're so grateful that our first two films have received awards in both the United States and Europe, signaling that our work is being recognized internationally. In addition, we've been fortunate to receive over eight nominations at various international film festivals. Critics have also been kind enough to acknowledge our unique storytelling, awarding our latest film ”We Glow in the Dark” with a 4-star rating.

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