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Den Anden Side – Remake!

That's right, you read the title correctly. We are remaking Jacob Jørgensen's debut short film, the award-winning: Den Anden Side! About a year ago I got a text from Jacob, asking if I would like to help redoing Den Anden Side, and as this was a no brainer, I got the raw material and went to work. "DAS" (Den Anden Side) is a very special film for most of us who worked on the original. For me, it was the first project I worked on with Minehubs Studios. At first, I applied for the position as main editor, but was later recruited as the trailer creator. The rest is history.


But What Now?

Of course, we haven't reshot anything, everything new about this remake has happened in the post-production. Overall, the film has been re-edited from top to bottom, it's gotten a bit shorter, but all for the sake of drawing the audience closer to the story. The colour has gotten a massive revamp, going from a basic adjustment layer in premiere, to a shot-by-shot grade in da Vinci. Sound is about 55 percent of the movie experience; therefore, we made sure it's at the peak of its abilities.


Everything such as editing, sound, grade and effects has been done in da Vinci Resolve. Our biggest challenge was the grade, as the footage shot, was not in the quality we've gotten used to. As I started grading, I realised how little data there was to work with, it was almost so inadequate we started joking that it was like grading JPEG's. There was however a huge upside to the smaller file sizes, that was that I was able to do most of the edit and grade on a laptop, which has not been a possibility with the massive files of "We Glow in the Dark", and "I Regnen Ser Jeg Dig".


Let's Talk Release

With all that said, let us present to you "Bitter Blood" the official title of the film. We are so excited and proud of the result we've reached. We cannot wait to share it with all you guys. Other than that we can announce that "Bitter Blood" will premiere this year in October.