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Minehubs Studios Present GENSTART Photographer: Emil Leschly Larsen

Minehubs Studios Present GENSTART

Copenhagen, June 7, 2024 – We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming short film with the working title GENSTART. The film is developed by Jacob Jørgensen and Alex Persson and written by Jacob Jørgensen. It tells the story of Noah, a young man living in the streets, and Sofia a mechanic with a traumatic past. The two find each other through their shared passion for engines. While Noah struggles to find his place in life and escape his past, Sofia battles the psychological aftermath of a car accident that has left her with deep emotional scars. Together, they try to navigate through a world filled with challenges as they try to rebuild their lives.

The producer team of GENSTART counts among others Alex Persson, Emil G. Mogensen and Jacob Jørgensen. The film is directed by the Danish director Jacob Jørgensen, and alongside with Aleksander Priess as cinematographer and Christian Bojsen as gaffer they bring the story to life together with the whole crew and cast. The lead cast includes Annamaria Tolstrup, Jacob Søsborg, and Tommy Dominic.

Jacob Jørgensen says, "With GENSTART we try to set new heights for what is possible in Danish film, especially when it comes to the action genre. The film features motorcycle scenes and thrilling car scenes, bringing an old genre back to Danish film. With all this we hope to give the audience a rollercoaster of emotions, conflicts, and hope together with some action".

Filming for GENSTART was completed last week, and post-production is now in full swing. The film is expected to premiere in 2025, and we can’t wait to share this art piece with all of you!


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