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Video launch together with Noah Kofi Photographer: Cecilie Spendrup

Video launch together with Noah Kofi

Maybe you have heard the word Panna before or maybe not. Anyway, last year we chose to team up with Noah Kofi to create a video, where you can get to know Noah better and get a closer look at what Panna is. Noah is a young talented professional Panna player, who has participated several times at the Panna Knock Out World Finals, where he has also won the prestige world champion title. Other than that he is also part of the Copenhagen Panna House, and right now you can find Noah in the series "En For Holdet" on DR.


The people behind the video

Behind the video you will find two of our producers Jacob Jørgensen and Anton Abebe Iversen. In the director's chair you will also find Jacob Jørgensen, and together with the photographer Aleksander Priess-Christensen and the drone photographer and b-foto Mathias Vorbeck Finne-Larsson they make visual magic. Behind all the still images you find the talented still-photographer Cecilie Spendrup. On the crew team you will also find Benjamin Ellekvist, Charlotte Albrechtsen and Kristian Egendal.



• Check out the video today by clicking here.

• Follow Noah's journey through his Instagram by clicking here.


Let us spread the Panna sport out to the world.